Simplify your life – let us wash, dry and fold your laundry!

Laundry is a tidius and a timely task that we offer as a service to our customers. All customer orders are sorted at drop-off, where dry cleaning and laundry are separated for cleaning. Laundry service consists of 2 parts. One is laundry of dress shirts, where all the shirts are washed, pressed and hung on hangers. The second part consists of all other everyday laundry items which are washed, dryed and folded according to the label instructions for your convenience.

Wash, Dry and Fold

We make this process hassle-free – you give us your dirty laundry and we will wash it, fold it and package it to your specifications! All items are separated by color and washed in our high efficiency machines. Our experts make sure that your clothes come back neatly folded, clean and smelling fresh.

What is Laundry

Laundry is the washing of clothing and linens. Laundry processes are often done in a business, room or area in a home or apartment building, reserved for that purpose; this is also sometimes referred to as a laundry.

The material that is being washed, or has been laundered is also generally referred to as laundry. Laundry processes include washing (usually with water containing detergents or other chemicals), agitation, rinsing, drying and pressing (ironing). The washing will often be done at a temperature above room temperature to increase the activities of any chemicals used and the solubility of stains, and high temperatures kill micro-organisms that may be present on the fabric.

Various chemicals may be used to increase the solvent power of water, such as the compounds
in soaproot or yucca-root used by Native American tribes, or the ash lye once widely used for soaking laundry in Europe. Soap, a compound made from lye and fat, is an ancient and common laundry aid. Modern washing machines typically use powdered or liquid laundry detergent in
place of more traditional soap.