What our customers say!

I will always trust them with my dry cleaning! 

“I have never had a bad experience! Over the years I’ve had cleaning done at numerous locations with mixed results, but this is a business worth my patronage. Their service and results speak for themselves, I will always trust them with my dry cleaning!”

Best Customer Service! 

“Just wanted to take a few minutes and express my gratitude to Val! I have been very happy with my dry cleaning, but I am always very careful about recommendations, as they can can be very subjective. Nevertheless, the question came up in my office and I mentioned Vals drycleaning services, their quality service and the pick-up-and-delivery option. My boss was immediately excited, which made me slightly nervous, but he had setup a trial pickup for 10 people in our office. As it turned out, my entire office, ended up being just as satisfied as I am. Thanks again for all of your hard work Val.”

I was so impressed with Val…

“I was so impressed with Val, I had to take the time and write a review… I had a last minute business meeting to get to in another city and needed a few suites cleaned in a day.. Two other local cleaners have declined my request, however Val promised me fast turnaround… It was the owner himself who delivered my order to me the following morning at 5:30 am, perfect timing, before my flight. Plus, the quality was impeccable! Thanks a lot! Recommend to all in the surrounding area!”