Shoe Repair

We all have that perfect shoe and then something goes wrong. We offer quality shoe repair service that will surely stretch the lifespan of those favorite shoes. We utilize top products to restore and repair your shoes. In addition, we have a range of accessories such as polishes, brushes, insoles, shoe laces, spray protectants, leather conditioners.

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Professional Shoe Care

Broken heels are shoe emergencies that may be best left to professionals, since do-it-yourself measures may not last. Visit a cobbler and get an estimate for repairs. Inexpensive shoes might not be worth the cost, while better footwear often is.

If the heel is in one piece, a cobbler can usually reattach it. A heel broken into several pieces can be replaced with a new heel unit, but in most cases you’ll have to have both shoes done so the heel heights and colors will match.

If a heel falls off a new shoe, the footwear may be defective. Make tracks back to the store where the shoes were purchased and ask for a replacement.